Monday, July 6, 2009

style vs money?


unemployment? recession? even malaysia was not that bad but we have to be aware that it could be we in future... so here i am... try to share some ideas perhaps u guys too can share yours and contribute oppurtunity like jobs vacancy, cheap products, and many more....

ok, 2 be truth i love fashion (perhaps im not in right field after all), have accountancy qualification cannot stop me from be passionate about style! hehe.... so eksyen! its not my intention...

so, here i will try to give some guide... about managing your money...

list need to be done:
  1. what's your current income?
  2. u re only allowed to spend the most is quarter of your income. (when i said spend it mean spend on something unnecessary eg: clothes, clothes, and clothes)
  3. take into accounts whether u need that things really or not
  4. do a budget and save!! save at least a quater also of your income!!
why i said quarterly on shopping??? well, we need to take into consideration others stuff, others need and wants...

here i provided an example of income. for example your income is rm 2000. (babes out there... please if ur income less than this mean u have to cut some more ur spending allowance).
here are the budget... - normal- we can do or take into consideration:

  1. house rent - 200 (kl area)
  2. utilities (electricity, water and internet?) -100
  3. handphone top up- 50
  4. transportation - 100
  5. send to parents (obliged duties as a child, well do it sincerly) - 250
  6. loan (car, asb, mara, studies) - 100-500
  7. food ( i cannot believe myself to forget about this ) - 200 (only and if only u cook at home and dont eat any fast food or outside so u can reduce this budget to 100 otherwise stay there or increase huh?)
those are budget, even its not that details. so, its almost... let see... around rm 900-rm 1400. well, like i said before some of we dont spend on loans and dont give to parents because of certain reasons... (people have their own reasons).. so what's left? rm 600?

rm 600? now we have to divide into two? savings or shopping... i rather myself choose savings because we dont know what happen in future right?? fashion/style can be outdated like heidi klum always said : "today u in, 2moro u out". so to be practical here, save more...

the reason why we need to savings??
  • emergency - (malang tidak berbau)
  • engagement or weddings - need a lot of money!! seriously =P
  • funds - your brothers or sisters... especially for first heir of the family.. and for those who marriage... ur children needs you... err your money??
  • ok.. now i forget the reason why we need to saving... hahha.. perhaps to buy something really expensive? marc jacobs brand? (donno i seems in love with marc jacobs).. ok kidding!! no such things...
ok... practically, each month we can spend 300 - 500 for shopping but remember not only for clothes, but its also for books, magazines, office entire, holidays and many more...

so, think twise and if u want to shopping shopping wisely!!! enjoy shopping more and more by not having in mind the potential to eat mee maggi in future!!!

p/s: not to forget those who more difficult from us... some charity will help yeah!!

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